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Making a Difference, One Child at a Time

August 26, 2020

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It’s wonderful to hear from teachers sharing the impact Steps to Health is making in student’s lives.

One teacher made an added effort to share several stories... she wrote: “Logan never tries new foods but he tried and liked mango and grapes.”

“One other child had to leave early and was sad she was not able to try the taste test, the next day the parent asked what was the food provided and made it for the child at home,” she mentioned.

And yet another story she shared: “after the students taste tested the veggies (which included sweet peppers) the next day a student packed red sweet peppers in her lunchbox.”

Another teacher said that several of her students were bringing in their water bottles (provided by Steps to Health) filled with water infused with fruit. How awesome is all this!?

These are just a handful of stories from a few teachers, but, just imagine how many more untold stories are out there where Steps to Health is making a difference one child at a time.